M.J. has collaborated with other talents in the music and film industry to create and tell amazing stories. 

Listen and watch below. 

Music and Lyrics by MJ LaVine, Abby Lyons, and Louis Coy

Animation by Delaney Januzzi

Voice by Abby Lyons


Music by MJ LaVine and Louis Coy

Bruno by Fabrizio Mancinelli 

Priest by Chris O'hara

Animation by Citlalli Anderson 

Additional Animation by Kyler Spears, Tom Law and Matt Yang

Sound Design by Nick Ainsworth 


Music by MJ LaVine

Animation by Delaney Januzzi

Anna: Veronica Walker

Robbie: James Walker

Sylvia: Lucinda Jenkins

Stanley: Dale Baer

Music by MJ LaVine

Animation by Mariana Yovanovich

Music by MJ LaVine

Animation by Katherine Chi

Voice by Bernice Sioson